40% + more businesses
lower trading
more vulnerable
communities supported
more administrations stay
open during lockdown
Performance and Impact
Online procedures
  • Create businesses
  • Obtain import and export licenses
  • Make social security contributions and pay taxes
  • Access Covid rescue packages
  • Process work and residence permits
  • Increased MSME growth
  • More women and youth entrepreneurs
  • Faster and more efficient administrations
  • Reduced corruption and lower business costs
  • Improved business environment
  • Entrepreneurs, particularly women and young people
  • Businesses needing to operate and trade
  • Governments seeking to consolidate their revenue base
  • Administrations seeking to improve efficiency and move away from paper-based systems
Success stories
Benin Benin flag
Online Single Window
Business registration
Two hours to start a business, a world record.
48% of entrepreneurs under 30, one third women and 50% outside capital.
Boosts MSMEs
Number of business registrations doubled within two years
Cameroon Cameroon flag
Online Single Window
Business registration
Boosts MSMEs
25,000 new businesses registered in 3 pilot provinces.
Endorsed by donors
Government and EU to roll out system to 4 more provinces.
Lesotho Lesotho flag
Online Single Window
Business registration
Revenue generating
Drop in missing fee payments.
Officials spend less time looking for files and more time advising users.
El Salvador El Salvador flag
Online fiscal services
Tax and social security payment
Businesses registered with 12 tax and social security departments.
Integrated accounting tool generates annual and monthly filings.
56% of online applicants for Covid business assistance are women.
Kenya Kenya flag
Step-by-step information portal
Import, export and transit
Widely used
10,000 visitors a month.
Covers 1,000 export and import procedures.
Cuts SME export bill
Steps and time halved to register coffee consignments, costs cut by $230.
Baghdad Baghdad flag
Step-by-step information portal
Business registration
Steps to create a business halved to 18.
Less paperwork
Required documents cut by a third to 31.
Affordable for SMEs
Fees cut by 80% to $450.
Our approach
We believe that simple and transparent government procedures help businesses formalize and grow, creating jobs, supporting vulnerable communities and helping governments increase revenue.
Key to our approach is building the capacity of government staff to see procedures from the user's perspective, simplify them and place them online. We also help them to train their colleagues to progressively make entire governments digital, using our platform.
See it from the user’s perspective
We first seek to understand the journey from start to finish as the user experiences it. The journey may combine several institutions.
Map the journey
We work with national teams to break a procedure down into its constituent steps.
We examine with the government how to reduce the number of steps, and quantity and complication of document requirements for each step.
We automate the procedure and put it online. This speeds up procedures and allows certain steps to be performed simultaneously.

We act on requests from national, provincial and municipal authorities.

Our project team works with government officials and local consultants to map, simplify and automate procedures, and then train officials to use and further develop the platform. We also operate with implementation partners such as the International Trade Centre and UNITAR.

It’s easier than you think to go digital. Steer clear of costly and lengthy feasibility reports. Contact us and you can start seeing results within months.

Move your government online