Gender and youth

How we can help
Our digital tools are especially useful for those who struggle more than others to carry out government procedures, such as registering a business, in person.
These include women, who might have less time to complete the administrative hurdles due to traditional roles as caretakers, and young people, who often lack the financial resources and experience needed to complete extensive government paperwork or hire a lawyer.
Impact of our digital tools
In countries where we are have been able to disaggregate the data we have been able to identify the following:

Impact on women

In Bhutan, 52 percent of those applying to register their companies are women.
In Lesotho, before online registration was possible, 26 percent of business permits were held by women. After online registration, business permits held by women increased to 34 percent.
In El Salvador, 56 percent of business owners registering online are women.
In Benin, one third of business owners registering online are women.

Impact on young people

In Benin, registration by young people (18-30) increased 181 percent in the first two years of operation.
In Mali the corresponding figure was 263 percent.