The biggest challenge facing governments today is turning policy into action.

Once laws have been drafted, technology helps governments deliver on their promises by providing public services quickly and effectively through efficient and paper-free administrations in areas such as climate, jobs, environment, food and health.

Our ready-to-use cloud-based digital platform has been designed with both civil servants and end users in mind. Civil servants use our intuitive drag-and-drop system to create online public services. They don’t require any prior IT knowledge or equipment.

It works for any service in any ministry and is compatible with existing digital IDs and government websites to ensure a seamless user experience.

There is no front or back end. A civil servant designs the process and all the rest (user interface, document uploads, approval systems, online payments) is automatically generated by our cloud platform. Changes can be quickly made as a service evolves and immediately published without downtime.

It can create databases and exchange with other services such as taxes, population databases and social security, either directly or through systems such as X-Road.

Users such as citizens and businesses access the services they need from any digital device.
Service delivery can include registering carbon emitters and removers as part of the Paris Agreement, delivering certificates of incorporation and business permits in hours not weeks, tracking extended producer responsibility, simplifying the delivery of production permits for vaccines and pharmaceuticals, helping farmers access key government services, and much more.

Once you decide to digitise a service, we will work with you to analyse the law, define the procedures to move online and set a workplan.

Our system is quickly scaleable. Civil servants have access to our digital government academy ( and can train colleagues to develop digital services across whole ministries and governments, while avoiding the costs, timelines, consultants and complexities traditionally associated with digital government projects.

Detailed data generated by these systems show important increases in access to public services by demographics such as young people, women and rural populations. Governments use this data to fine-tune delivery.

Today government and technology go hand in hand.

We can help you digitize public services in your government. You can show results and impact within months.